5-Point Homeowner Inspection

We’ve had storms recently!

Did you experience high winds or hail?

You may be in need of our services. Walk your property with this 5-point homeowner inspection to identify if your home requires an assessment from our public adjuster and restoration team. Hail and wind damage are typical situations with high reimbursements.

5 Key Points to Note After a Storm

Confirm the Date of Loss

This will most likely be the date of the storm itself. If the storm rolled in overnight, pick the date of the morning after the storm as the date of loss. Make sure to save this date!

Inspect Your Property

Check for evidence of the storm. Look for spatter, or hail mark stains, on your A/C unit or roof.

Pro-Tip: Document everything.

Write down what you find, but more importantly, take pictures! Take your phone with you as you walk your property and capture everything you find with the camera function.

Check Your Siding

Check for evidence of the storm. Look for spatter, or hail mark stains, on your A/C unit or roof.

What you should check for depends on the type of siding you have:

  • Aluminum
    Look for wind pulling the siding away from your home, spatter, and dents.
  • Vinyl
    Look for wind damage, spatter, and cracking.
  • Cedar
    Check to see if it chipped or splintered in any places.

Look at Your Roof

Emphasis on look. We cannot advocate climbing on roofs for safety purposes. Instead, step back and take a look. Use your phone’s camera to zoom in and look for damage. You can always have us come out and look for you.


Double-Check for Interior Damage

Go room by room, checking each wall and every ceiling, for evidence of water damage. Don’t forget to document your findings.

Remember, it is essential to get your damage assessed and submitted to insurance even if you have snow. Also, taking care of these issues immediately prevents potential leaking and water damage.


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