Mold Removal & Restoration

Mold Damage From Water & Storms

Have you found mold or sudden water damage? Contact us immediately.

Whether it’s from flooding, storm damage, a sewage overflow, a musty basement, or more – mold damage takes many forms.

Not just a structural issue for your home, it will also lead to health issues for those that live and visit your home or commercial building.

Call Liberty Remodeling & Restoration to see how we can help with mold removal and restoration!

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How To Get Your Mold Removal Performed Quickly

1. Schedule A Mold Assessment Visit

Contact us immediately if you find mold damage in your house. We'll come out to your home to assess the visible and invisible damage behind the walls with our moisture location tools.

2. Take Photos Of The Damaged Area

Make sure you take photos of the damaged area including your belongings that may have been impacted. This could potentially be important for insurance reimbursement and coverage.

3. Trust The Process

Having water and mold damage can be scary, especially if it is in an emergency situation. We've seen it all and you can be confident that we will get things restored to the way they should be! 


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