Roof Shrink Wrap Versus Tarping: What’s The Difference?

Liberty Remodeling And Restoration Roof Shrink Wrap Fl

The longer you let water into your home, the more damage it can create. Shrink wrap helps avoid roof damage and it stops damage to your home. The standard tarp needs to be replaced every once in a while especially with wind, rain, sun. And the blue tarps can’t last as long as the roof shrink wrap will. Here are the benefits of roof shrink wrap and the comparison to the standard roof tarp:

I Have Water Damage In My Home! What Next?

Liberty Remodeling & Restoration Water Damage

Having water get into your home can be devastating. Property loss can be heartbreaking, especially knowing mold can occur within 24 hours. Water damage can cause structural problems you wouldn’t necessarily notice. Whether the damage came from sewer backups, flooded basements, broken pipes or leaking appliances, environmental flooding, or even water damage after a fire, we can help.

Complete Your Own Home Health Report

Liberty Remodeling And Restoration Home Health Report

We’ve created this worksheet to help you understand the current health of your home. We want you to be protected should damage occur to your home. Let’s create a health report to document your home’s current condition for future reference. Print this and fill in the second page!

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