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Liberty Remodeling Home Health Report
Liberty Remodeling Home Health Report

We’ve created this worksheet to help you understand the current health of your home. We want you to be protected should damage occur to your home. Let’s create a home health report to document your home’s current condition for future reference.

Print this document and fill in the second page!

Why Perform A Home Health Report?

High-wind rainstorms can tear off your structure’s gutters, roofing shingles, and siding. Assessing the damage is essential to keep the integrity of your system as well as it is your responsibility in the policy you have with your insurance company. 

damaged gutter can cause water to pool near your property, inviting leaks, structural damage, and even mold.

Indicators of high-wind damage:

  1. Shifting gutters
  2. Gutter overflow
  3. Water pooling on the ground

Not all repairs qualify as a claim to your insurance company, but Liberty Remodeling and Restoration can help assess the damage and review your options. A thorough check of your structure is necessary to ensure everything is safe and sound.

Structure Damage Must Be Assessed Quickly!

It’s essential to get your damage submitted to insurance and assessed even when there is high-wind rain. These issues immediately prevent potential leaking and water damage during the spring months.

Contact Liberty Remodeling & Restoration Today. Visit, text, or call us to schedule a no-obligation damage assessment for the recent storm damage on your structure. Schedule Online: Call Us: (844) 675-7663 Text US: (847) 429-3514

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