I Have Water Damage In My Home! What Next?

Having water get into your home can be devastating. Property loss can be heartbreaking, especially knowing mold can occur within 24 hours. Water damage can cause structural problems you wouldn’t necessarily notice. Whether the damage came from sewer backups, flooded basements, broken pipes or leaking appliances, environmental flooding, or even water damage after a fire, we can help.

To introduce our process, we’d first like to offer a few definitions:

1. Water Mitigation

Liberty Restoration Water Damage In My Home

Water mitigation services prevent further damage from happening and are focused on getting your property and belongings out of harm’s way.

This can include sealing leaks, wrapping pipes before cold weather, and other home maintenance.

2. Water Remediation

Water remediation is the process of cleaning, drying, sanitizing, and restoring any damages caused by an accumulation of unwanted water in a home or business.

Water plus electricity puts you at risk for shock. This is a time to act swiftly and safely. If you have standing water in your home and have safe, exterior access to your breaker box, turn your power off. If not, call your power company for assistance.

Drying out your home and assessing damage is a dual top priority. We want to ensure your home remains structurally sound, so we’ll keep track of the damages for you. Then we can come in and begin to assess the damage.

Pro-Tip: You should also keep track of damages to your items. Make an inventory of those items to submit to your insurance company.

Liberty Restoration Water Remediation

3. Water Restoration

Water restoration services are done to repair the existing damage that water caused to your property.

This can include but is not limited to drywall replacement, flooring repair, or even roofing repair if a roof leak causes water damage.

The damage can potentially be extensive. It’s difficult to tell until we go in and start removing surface-level damage. We will inform you of our discoveries and assist in restoring your home to pre-loss conditions.

4. Emergency Services

We can respond to flooding should it occur. We can help you restore your home to pre-loss condition. The important thing is to be vigilant and respond to water damage immediately.

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