How To Spot Mold Growth After A Storm

Wondering how to spot mold growth after a storm like Hurricane Ian in Florida? Water damage and mitigation is a top priority during and after a natural disaster like this.

In December 2022, a Florida man fell into a coma after living with black mold for months after Hurricane Ian. Water flooded the home in September and toxic black mold started growing. It took three months of living with the black mold to take full effect on the inhabitant of the home.

It’s important to not let mold invade your home as mold spores have been known to cause comas, allergic reactions, asthma attacks, chronic sinus problems, poisoning by mycotoxins, and fungal infections. Unfortunately many Florida residences already have mold invading their home and many more will continue to develop damage as time goes on.

Common Signs To Spot Mold Growth After A Storm

How To Spot Mold Growth After A Storm

Mold can look discolored, fuzzy, and slimy patches. As mold grows, it will increase in size. Smell is one of the first indicators of mold as it produces a musty odor. And mold can grow anywhere there is moisture or water issues.

One of the most dangerous types of mold is known as black mold. Black mold however may not always be black. It can be a gray or green color. Beginning with fuzzy white fibers, like a cotton ball, it will continue to expand and change to a darker color.

How To Remedy Mold Growth After A Storm

If you spot mold growth in your home, it is important that you remove and get it outside of your home as soon as possible. It is especially important to note that wet drywall and insulation can hide mold growth behind walls. So mold growth on the visible side of your wall may actually indicate a deeper issue.

Liberty How To Spot Mold Growth After A Storm

After storms like Hurricane Ian in Florida, the moisture in the air creates a perfect continuous environment for mold growth. That means that even if a homeowner uses a mold-removing chemical spray to clean visible mold, the mold will most likely continue to come back.

That’s why it is best that if you see mold growth in your home after a storm like Hurricane Ian, that you contact a professional mold abatement company. Make sure you have a trusted contractor when the time comes for quick restoration of water and mold damage. Water and mold restoration professionals like Liberty Remodeling and Restoration can assess the level of damage and resolution plan.

Keep your mold damage from affecting the health of your family, guests, and even the building’s structure itself. Liberty Remodeling & Restoration will help eliminate your mold growth issues. Give us a call to find out how!

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