Roof Shrink Wrap Versus Tarping: What’s The Difference?

Did you know that shrink wrap offers more complete coverage and lasts longer than simple tarping?

The longer you let water into your home, the more damage it can create. Shrink wrap helps avoid roof damage and it stops damage to your home. The standard tarp needs to be replaced every once in a while especially with wind, rain, sun. And the blue tarps can’t last as long as the roof shrink wrap will. Here are the benefits of roof shrink wrap and the comparison to the standard roof tarp:

Roof Shrink Wrap Benefits:

  • Tighter seal
  • Longer lasting
  • Better material
  • Available supply
  • Prevents damage

The goal of shrink wrap is to prevent water damage to your home. A shrink wrap roof tarp is a longer, temporary solution to prevent water leaks, while you are waiting for your roofer to install a permanent roof. With the cost and availability of materials these days, the roof shingles and parts are in shorter supply. We’ve even seen some custom clay roof tiles quoted for almost a year out for when they’ll be available again. Because of the delay in getting any roof replaced or repaired, it’s important to have quality with roof shrink wrap or tarping so the home doesn’t get damage even further.

Roof Shrink Wrap Versus Tarping Comparison:

  • Roof shrink wrap is best for large damaged areas
  • Roof tarping is best for smaller repair areas
  • Tarping your roof can leave gaps that let in water and dirt
  • Gaps may allow pests to make way into the home
  • Tarping a roof lasts as long as it can until strong winds and storms shift its coverage
  • Roof tarping with poor material may result in holes or rips in the tarp
  • Only so much area can be covered with a rectangular or square roof tarp

What Are Homeowners Responsible For To Prevent Further Damage After A Storm?

Homeowners are responsible for stopping anything that could cause more damage. So if you have a hole in you roof and you don’t tarp it, if there is another storm it will leak and it will damage the inside of the home. As a result, the insurance agency will tell you they won’t cover that because as it was the homeowner’s responsibility to stop any further damage. The agency is able to determine what damage happened at what time based on wear and tear, so there is no fooling them! This is especially why it is so important your tarp or wrap is put on correctly and that the coverage to your roof is quality material.

Why Choose Liberty Remodeling And Restoration For Your Roof Shrink Wrap?

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Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and the SWFL area, we have the supplies for trusted roofing repair/wrapping and replacement, just ask us for more details. We also do water damage assessments and remediation. If you start seeing leaking or are concerned about the state of your roof, call us today so you can continue to live safely in your home. There are most likely invisible issues that a roofing and restoration expert can locate and restore for you. With decades of combined roofing experience and home restoration, the team at Liberty Remodeling & Restoration is ready to respond to your hurricane damage.

We actually care about our customers and do what’s best for them in the restoration process. If we say we’re going to do it, we’ll do it right!

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