What Does it Cost to Tarp My Roof?

Hurricanes strike hard in southwest Florida. When they do, many homes require immediate roof tarping until roof repairs can begin. Here at Liberty Remodeling and Restoration, we’re on the ground in the Fort Myers and Cape Coral region with fast tarping, roofing, and water mitigation services.

The biggest question on our clients’ minds is always: “how much will it cost to tarp my roof?”

Our roof tarping costs are calculated with a standard base fee and variable materials calculation (based on roof size).

How Much To Put A Tarp On A Roof?

We believe in keeping costs simple & manageable, making things easy to understand. Our roof tarping costs are as follows:

  • Base fee of $695. 
  • Parts & labor fee of $1.50 per square foot of roof.

Is Financing Available For Hurricane Home Damage?

When time is of the essence in a natural disaster, Liberty Remodeling and Restoration has a special financing partner to get your project pre-approved quickly. Financing is a great tool to use when cash should be reserved for your emergency needs.

Once a project is complete, Liberty Remodeling and Restoration can submit this to your insurer for it to go through a costs-incurred process with your insurance company. Don’t waste time. Get your roofing and water mitigation remediation project started today.

How Much To Put A Tarp On A Roof Liberty Remodeling Fl

Is Home Damage From a Hurricane Covered By My Insurance?

We always recommend that you check your policy and read what it specifically says about your home coverage and deductible. Many homes in Florida should have hurricane and natural disaster coverage. And insurance companies use special software to form your estimate based on your location.

In general, after more than 18 years of experience with home restoration (including insurance policies), we’ve seen that insurance should pay for hurricane restoration based on up-to-date materials rates in your zip code.

This is one of the big reasons we offer quick roof damage financing. The faster you can get your roof tarped and repaired, the better it is for you and your family’s living environment. It also pushes the insurance company along in the coverage process!

How Do Insurance Companies Price Your Home Damage?

If you’re looking to have work performed on your roof or home due to a natural disaster, here is some background info on how insurance companies typically view damage reimbursement.

Most insurance companies use a software called Xactimate when assessing the fluctuating value of materials and project costs. A few companies use a similar software called Simbility.

When material costs go up in your area, your insurance company (via their costs platform) should also increase their price assessments for the cost of damage reimbursement.

What does this mean for the homeowner? It means that you can be confident that if you have damage as a result of a natural disaster and that damage is outlined in your home’s policy, the insurance company should send out an agent to approve your claim based on an up-to-date assessment of materials and project costs.

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